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Information About Winter Wheels


Winter tires are generally recommended for anyone that lives anywhere that has extreme weather during the winter. This may be anything from large amounts of rain to harsh snow storms. Changing out your "all weather" or summer tires for proper winter tires will give you better traction during these harsh weather conditions, this could save your life! We recommend you consult your local tire retailer to find out exactly what is recommended for your vehicle in your area.


Steel WheelWhat are Winter Wheels?

Winter wheels are simply basic wheels for you vehicle sized to properly match up with that vehicle's corresponding winter tires. For many vehicles this would just be a steel wheel. Steel wheels are a relatively cheap and sturdy option for your vehicle. You can choose to also purchase some hubcaps to make them look a little nicer throughout the winter. To order your set of winter rims just navigate to your make, model, and year vehicle where you can locate the exact rims needed for your vehicle.


Many luxury vehicle brands, like BMW, do not offer a steel wheel option. These brands instead recommend one of the more basic styles of alloy wheels that is compatible with a recommended winter tire. Calling your local dealer to find out exactly which wheels are recommended for winter tires is a great place to start. Once you know which wheels you need just locate them on our website and place an order.


Why Buy Winter Rims?

Although you may not need a dedicated set of wheels for your winter tires many people choose to do this because it has many advantages.

It will save you money!

  • You don't have to pay to have tires mounted/dismounted over and over again
  • Chrome rims can be corroded to the point they are unusable after even just one winter
  • Harsh chemicals and constant moisture will cause corrosion on your expensive alloy wheels
  • Wheels and tires are often damaged during mounting and dismounting


Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to research your winter wheels and plenty of time for them to be delivered.