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Looking for Your Wheel in Chrome?

Chrome WheelOEM CHROME

If your wheel comes chrome as a stock option simply browse our website and find the correct wheel and finish option. The wheel can be ordered online by pressing the "Order Now" button or calling to order over the phone.


Can't find your wheels in the right finish on our site? If your wheels are OEM and chrome there is a good chance that your wheels have a custom chrome finish. Often times dealers will even chrome rims and sell the car as an "upgraded" option. This can make finding a replacement wheel very difficult, but have no fear, we can definitely help you out!

How to Order?

  • Find the correct wheel style on our website then give us a call.
  • Our sales associates can check the price and availability of your wheel in chrome and the order can be placed.

The Details

  • Chrome rims will generally cost an additional $100-$200 more than the factory finish.
  • We generally do a high quality traditional triple nickel plate. (see below for other chrome types)
  • All new chrome comes with a 1 year limited guarantee on the chrome itself.
  • Depending on the wheel, we may not generally stock it in chrome and there may be an additional delay for chroming.
  • Custom chrome wheels may have additional return restrictions, your sales associate will inform you prior to completing the sale if the wheel has any return restrictions.

Chroming Your Wheels

  • Most wheels will cost $160-$200 each to chrome.
  • If your wheels are currently chrome and need to be stripped there will be an additional cost.
  • If your rims need any repairs there will be an addtional cost.
  • No work will be done until the wheels are received and inspected to determine final cost.
  • Chroming generally takes 1-2 weeks to complete.
  • All chroming is done at our CA location, wheels must be dropped off or shipped to California for chroming.

Other Chrome Types

  • Clad Chrome: This type of chrome cannot be repaired and the face cannot be replaced, call a sales associate to check our availability for a replacement wheel.
  • PVD Chrome: An alternative to the classic chrome option. Call a sales associate for pricing and ETA for this type of chrome.
  • Black Chrome: A variatino of PVD chrome with a dark smokey look. Call a sales associate for pricing and ETA.