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So, you're driving down the road in your brand new Mercedes, when all of a sudden you hit a pothole! It happens to everyone and sometimes in the most unexpected places. Whether it was a delayed reaction or a glare on the road hiding the pothole it was inevitable and you hit the ground with all its might. Now what?!


What causes potholes? Potholes are created when water trickles into the asphalt and with time erosion takes place. The rainy season is a big culprit for the pothole initiation. Not to mention the high heat season followed by the heavy commercial vehicles and semi-trucks constantly widening existing potholes by driving on them.


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The bad news is that hard ground impact could have damaged your vehicle in different ways. From minimal damage to extensive visible damage. Your best option is to pull over to the side of the road and do a visual inspection of your vehicle before proceeding. Here are a few things to look out for.

First, check your tires. You want to ensure that your tires do not have a slow air leak or worse, a flat tire. Look for bulges on the sidewall which is a sign of tire damage. Next, inspect your wheels. You can inspect your rims by looking at the lip of your wheel for any bends in the metal or curb rash. Also, another way you can tell if your wheels are bent is if your car seems to pull in one direction more than the other or it wobbles as you drive; which can also be a sign of your steering system being misaligned.

If it all clears up to this point we'll proceed with your vehicle inspection. You can walk directly behind your vehicle and look at the exhaust. Is there any damage to the exhaust? Is the metal bent or did it become loose? Lastly, check the suspension for any damage, including broken components. Are there any leaks or tears to the pipes or does the vehicle make any odd noises?

If you have any damage to the above vehicle parts contact your local automotive repair shop. The good news is that if you damage your rim we offer a large selection of used Factory Original Rims, all at a fraction of the cost to that of dealerships.

Don't forget potholes can be reported to local road agencies for repair. Also, under certain conditions there are possibilities of reimbursement through your local road agency or private insurance for the damage caused by public roads. Contact your local agencies for more information.

If you hit a pothole there's not much you can do after the fact but inspect your vehicle for damage and report the pothole to a local agency. Do take precautions when driving in pothole season (rainy season) and slow down; this will allow for greater visibility of potholes between you and other vehicles. Don't forget we carry a wide range of stock rims to replace your pothole damaged wheels.

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